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Best Christmas Ever Map

Do you have a favourite Christmas place? Tweet using #BestXmasEverMap to add your place to the map...

South Pole Allied Challenge 2013

Find out how far you would have to walk in the UK to match the allied teams progress....

Nelson Mandela Story Map

'The Long Walk to Freedom': Explore the story of Nelson Mandela

Current Wind Speeds in the British Isles

View current wind speeds for the British Isles...

UK House Prices - the most profitable places to buy

@KentGIS storymap showing estate agent Savills' five year forecast of property price growth in Britain....

50 Years of Landcover Change in Kent 1961-2008

Find out how landcover has changed in Kent since th 1960's...

GIS Day in Hyde Park

View our students' live updates of noise levels in Hyde Park... 

Typhoon Yolanda in the Philipines

Explore the story of the typhoon with content fromTwitter, Facebook, news articles, and other websites....

The story of St Jude's Storm

A map tour of the events during St. Jude's storm that hit North Western Europe on the 28th October 2013

Agricultural Exposure to water stress

Competition for and depletion of water in major agricultural areas published by the World Resources Institute...

The Geography of Horror

Where's the scariest place in the world? See where more than 200 of the top-rated horror films of all-time took place. Data and images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and IMDB.

Kilimanjaro Challenge 2014 Team

KentGIS Story Map - meet the team taking on the Kilimanjaro challenge for charity October 3rd-12th 2014.

Around the world in 365 calories

Explore the food journey for a healthy snack consumed in Washington DC. Simple example of mapping supply chain...


Crimestoppers 24hr Tweetathon map - see where and what information CS are receiving live...

Britain's 25 busiest airports

This map shows the 25 busiest airports within Britain according to total number of passengers, with other key statistics such as capacity of aircraft movements.

Global Cities

Ranking of international cities based on Technology, Talent and Tolerance

Top 25 largest shopping centres in the UK

Interactive guide to the largest and most frequently visited shopping centres in the UK

Royal births photo story map

This map shows the different birth locations of the 15 monarchs of Great Britain and the United Kingdom since the Acts of Union in 1707

Royal Births Social Media Map

See where the last 12 heirs to throne were born and track real-time Twitter reactions to the birth of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s child. Embed into your news site by clicking the Link button and copying the HTML. 

Converging from around the globe

Esri UC attendees converged from around the world. Click a city to see the number of attendees