ArcGIS 3: Performing Analysis

ArcGIS 3- Spatial Anlysis

Product: ArcGIS
               ArcGIS 10.3
               ArcGIS for Desktop
Training type: Scheduled training
Software version:
V10, V10.1 & V10.2,V10.3
Duration: 2 Days
Price range: $ 700

This course teaches a standard workflow you can apply to any GIS analysis. Every analysis begins with a question and has criteria that must be considered. You will learn how the analysis question and criteria drive decisions about what data and tools will generate reliable information. Working with a variety of data and ArcGIS tools, you will perform different types of analyses to efficiently solve spatial problems. This course is taught using ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and some course exercises use tools provided in the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.

GIS analysts, specialists, and others who manage or conduct GIS analysis projects.

Completion of ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows or equivalent knowledge is required.